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Increasing Women Political Representation Through Temporary Special Measures; A Review of the Nigeria Reserved Seat Bill


Temporary Special Measures (“TSMs”) are policies adopted and implemented to increase women’s access to political participation and decision-making in order to overcome structural barriers that women face in male- dominated electoral politics. CEDAW’s general recommendation No. 25 (2004) states that “States parses are obliged to adopt and implement TSMs if such measures can be shown to be necessary and appropriate in order to accelerate the achievement of the overall, or a specific goal of, women’s de-facto or substantive equality.

TSMs aim at ensuring that women consfltute at least a “crifical minority” of 30 or 40%. TSMs generally aim to accelerate the equal participation of women which means that TSMs may apply to many areas beyond the electoral or even political sphere. According to CEDAW, TSMs are characterised by the following:




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