ElectHER will engage women, by encouraging them to decide, equipping them to run, and enabling them to win. With an end goal to impact on society for an inclusive and sustainable socio-economic growth.

A core part of our work will focus on young women and women living with disabilities through a dedicated fund pooled from crowd-funding, institutional and private donations, which will operate on a 4- year cycle in alignment with Nigeria's general election calendar.


Advocate for the implementation of commitments and enabling policies that will promote the advancement of Nigerian women in politics

Establishment of a platform for promoting constructive discussions, with various stakeholders (electorate, political parties, media etc), around the issues currently hamstringing women in politics and how best to solve them.

Establishment of a series of non-partisan KYC (Know Your Candidate) platforms that will deepen aspirants engagement online & offline with electorates

Design and implement comprehensive behavioral change campaigns aimed at building the interest of more women to run for office.

Provide opportunity for interested candidates to declare interest or nominate other women with great potential to run for office and lead successfully



Design and implement a robust "incubator programs" and learning sessions aimed at developing capacity building initiatives for women

Addressing the biggest roadblock to women’s participation in Nigerian politics “financing”, by generating funding that would be instrumental in enlarging the resource pool available to women in politics

Build a strong and committed volunteer network of technical experts to collaborate on various aspects of aspirant's campaign