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ElectHER becomes a Recipient of the African Union Civic Tech Fund

We’re happy to have been selected as a recipient of the African Union Civic Tech Fund, 2022. In our 2+ years history, we have provided resources to inspire and empower women to take on varying political roles in Nigeria.

Our belief is entrenched in the value of equity as a springboard for Africa’s development, and ensuring gender balance in governance across Africa.

To this end, the African Union Civic Tech Fund will help us leverage technology to drive civic engagement and collaboration among women who are aspiring to run for elective office across Africa.

We can’t wait to deploy this fund, and engage in the mentorship, technical support and other impactful resources that the Africa Union Civic Tech Fund will afford us.

The African Union Civic Tech Fund is a pan-African competition that aims to accelerate innovative civic tech initiatives that have the potential to lead to citizen-led transformative action across the African continent.

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We are a party-agnostic organization committed to increasing women political inclusion across Africa through Behavioural Change Communications, Community Building, Capacity Development, and increased access to Social, Human, Technological and Financial Capital.

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