Welcome to ElectHER Academy

Delivering on our mandate to develop a multidimensional empowerment model of capacity building that will equip women with the requisite skills and knowledge to competitively run for elective office.

Facilitated Training

A series of expert facilitated online and offline interactive training sessions aimed at fostering knowledge transfer, real time engagement on cross-cutting issues and live interaction between facilitators and women interested in running for office.

Online Learning Platform

The online learning platform which is delivered through a learning management software, offers self-paced free foundational and expert courses to women interested in public sector leadership across Africa.

ElectHER Future Lawmakers Programme ‘EFLP’

A first of its kind intensive six months legislative and leadership development programme for aspiring female lawmakers, between the ages of 25 – 45 years. Targeted at working professionals who have a strong interest in politics and aspire to run for lawmaking office at the federal or state assemblies across Nigeria.