Female Leadership at the Edge: Unpacking the Glass Cliff in Corporate Culture?

The enduring quest for gender equality has spanned centuries, with advocates calling for women’s rights as far back as the 18th and 19th centuries. Despite notable advancements, the journey towards true equality remains fraught with systemic challenges. The corporate arena vividly illustrates this disparity. In 2015, male to female CEO ratios in Fortune 500 companies […]

Disruptors of the Month of April, 2024

As April draws to a close, we’re excited to bring you the 2nd edition of our Disruptors of the Month.’ This month, our focus is particularly special as we celebrate female artists across the continent. Our celebration aligns with World Art Day, which we observed on April 15th, recognizing the profound impact art has on […]

Disruptors of the Month of March, 2024

Launching our “Disruptors of the Month” series, we spotlight the women who are rewriting the narrative of female leadership. Their significant strides in various domains reflect the urgency of integrating women at every level. This month, our featured disruptors are women who have broken through traditional barriers, earning notable success in sectors as diverse as […]

A Peek into Senegal’s Elections

On 24 March, over 7 million Senegalese citizens will head to the polls to elect a new president. Originally scheduled for 25th February, the presidential election had generated controversies following the indefinite postponement by the incumbent President Mack Sall, who is constitutionally ineligible to contest a third term.   The registration for candidacy opened in October […]