Who we are

We are a non-partisan disruptive organization shaping the future of inclusive, active and functional participation by advancing active citizen engagement and democratizing politics for women to Decide Run and Win election across Africa

What we stand for

Social Consciousness; Tranformation Change

ElectHER is a party agnostic, non-governmental organization, advancing the full participation and representation of women in politics and public life through behavioral change, community building, tech innovation, capacity development and increased access to social, human, and financial capital.


We are a party-agnostic organization committed to increasing women political inclusion across Africa through Behavioural Change Communications, Community Building, Capacity Development, and increased access to Social, Human, Technological and Financial Capital.

Our Mission

Addressing the under-representation of women, by democratising politics for women to Decide, Run and Win elections across in Africa.

Our Vision

An Africa where women are equally represented across all elective office positions. Run and Win elections across in Africa.

Shaping the future of African democracy

Imagine an Africa where governance reflects a true representation of society 


If you had a chance to change the world, what would you do differently? The opportunity cost political apathy has simply become too high! Therefore, I encourage you to ‘JOIN US’ today, aswork to bridge the inequality gap in African democracy and push for socio-economic progression.